+ Industrial Design
  + Industrial Design
  + Strategic Analysis
  + Research
  + User Analysis
  + Competitive Analysis
  + Human Factors and Ergonomics
  + Sketch/Visual/CAD Surface Models

+ Engineering
  + Mechanical Engineering
  + Electrical Engineering
  + Scanning
  + Reverse Engineering
  + Part inspection
  + Rapid Prototyping
  + Testing and Analysis
  + Production Sourcing and Manufacturing

+ Marketing & Web Design
  + Branding and Positioning
  + Design and Art Direction
  + Packaging Design
  + Identity Systems
  + Advertising Design
  + Multimedia / Web
  + Communications Planning / Buying
  + Comprehensive Project Coordination



We're sometimes asked why we chose the Banyon tree as our symbol. The strength of the Banyon tree comes from its many strong roots which are bound together to make the entire tree stronger. +DESIGN is built the same way as the Banyon tree. Our strength comes from combining all the disciplines you need to create a product as well as successfully marketing it.

From research and human factors-based industrial design, turn-key engineering to brand development and search-
engine-optimized web sites, +DESIGN can provide you with everything you need to design, engineer and/or market a product. To make sure all the services we provide you are of the highest quality, we aggressively seek and partner with outside companies who are the best-in-class in their particular disciplines.


Our team is made up of a diverse creative team of designers that make research and human factors an integral part of every project. We thrive on discovering new product opportunities while never losing site
of the project scope.

From recreational vehicles to construction equipment to medical and consumer products, our wide
range of experience and commitment to focusing on the end user makes +DESIGN the perfect
addition to your new product design team.


Without world-class engineering, a great design is just lines on paper. We offer our clients exceptional engineering expertise at every phase of a new product's development. Our engineering group possesses knowledge and experience spanning a broad array of consumer, medical, and defense products. Our high quality standards, competitive pricing, and personalized service make us an obvious choice for all of your development needs. By coordinating the best design and engineering we provide an efficient turn-key development program and deliver innovative, user centered functional solutions.



Our marketing & web design philosophy is deeply rooted in putting your customer first.
By understanding their habits, mindsets, and needs; we're better able to show them how our
client's new products fit into their life. +DESIGN and its marketing partners have extensive
experience in every phase of marketing, advertising, and web design.

Whether creating your marketing plan, building your web site, or managing social media
presence, +DESIGN can help you communicate with customers persuasively
and cost-effectively.

                                                                                                                 +DESIGN / offices in chicago, racine, milwaukee — Phone 262.498.2991